Farm Fresh Food

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Our grass-fed, grass-finished cows are raised on pasture and rotated regularly to ensure we’re taking care of them and the land. They’re never fed with GMOs, growth hormones, antibiotics, or artificial pesticides. They graze and roam with big smiles! In turn, this creates the highest quality, nutrition-packed beef for you to enjoy.


Our pork comes from happy, healthy pigs that are raised in a natural habitat where they can forage. Just like our cattle, they’re never fed GMOs and live with plenty of room to roam and access to sun and fresh air. This directly impacts the quality (both flavor and nutrition) of the pork they produce.

Farm Fresh Eggs

We believe that the happier and healthier the hen, the tastier the egg! Our humanely-raised, pastured hens forage freely in open fields and are moved frequently to fresh pasture. They lay eggs with bright orange, vitamin-rich yolks--a difference you can see and taste!


Robin Ridge Farm raises the pastured poultry we carry in the store. As with all of our meats, the chickens and Thanksgiving turkeys we carry are sustainable and humanely raised. 


Pasture raised lamb from hight around the corner in  Glade Hill. Still Water Farm rotationally graze their sheep in different paddocks for optimal pasture growth and to control parasites naturally and they use no antibiotics.


As with all of our other proteins, we believe in sourcing the best. Smoke In Chimneys sustainably raises rainbow trout in fresh flowing spring water from the Virginia mountains. 


Our produce is 100% locally grown so that you have 100% transparency over what goes into your salad. Browse through our selection of fresh, leafy greens and other seasonal vegetables.


Melvin’s Farm to Fork Store has the creamiest butter and most savory cheeses! Why? We provide A2A2 raw cheeses in a variety of flavors as well as several butter options!


We partner with Sweet Land Farm to bring Raw A2 milk to our community. Though new Herd Shares are currently on a waitlist, you can click below for more information and reach out to Sweet Land to inquire.


Line your shelves with anything from our fluffy popcorn to our various spices and sauces. Skip a visit to the grocery store, and instead explore our online aisles of canned goods, flour, honey, and more. All items are produced locally.


Our cookie dough balls are bits of sugary goodness that you can’t get enough of. Put them in your oven, and voila! You’ll have a warm batch of cookies to dip in cold milk--a perfect snack for any occasion. We also offer tasty loaves of zucchini bread.


We sell blankets, books, soaps, and other household must-haves. All of these items are produced locally. Click the button below to start shopping!