Farm ・ Family ・Food ・Faith

Dairy farmer’s daughter meets dairy farmer, and the rest is history!

But really! Meet Thad and Gayle. Their people. Their cows. They are the parents of six children, stewards of a gorgeous piece of farmland in Wirtz Virginia, and followers of Jesus. Their conventional dairy operation has evolved over the years and is now the home of Sweet Land Farm’s Raw A2 Herdshare cows, Melvin’s Farm to Fork Store, and the prettiest view you could ever ask for.

They homeschool their children, believing that the best thing a farm raises is the children that grow up there. They love sharing their knowledge about real food and its healing benefits with others. Their faith runs deep and wide. Their hearts’ desire is to serve the Lord and to love their neighbors. Visit and linger. They enjoy connecting you with your food.

Regenerative Farming vs. Sustainable Farming

No Till・No Hormones・No Antibiotics・Non-GMO

We take soil health seriously here! It's the "root" (pun intended) of what we do to ensure that we have healthy crops, animals, and people. Our perennial grass-based system feeds our cattle and chickens on a rotational cycle. All supplemental feeds used are non-GMO. Our nutrient-dense soils lead to your nutrient-dense foods... so go ahead and skip your bottled vitamins!