Ever wonder what a typical dairy farmer’s day looks like? Well, first of’s not very typical! Farmer Thad rises at 2:30 each morning. He milks the girls, talks to them (and Jesus) then generally heads back in for some breakfast. He tries to catch a few winks before going back out to feed everyone! From the youngest to the oldest they all get some grub. Today there was church but on other days He begins whatever needs to be done. 

Fixing equipment, planting during that season, harvesting if its time, moving or fixing fence, meeting with the vet or attending another class to further his education. Sitting rarely happens and lunch sometimes gets skipped in the midst of all the work. By the time something gets started it’s always time to start afternoon feeding chores and milking. 

Evenings are sometimes a continuation of of mid day projects, or another meeting or Bible Study. Dinner happens (sometimes in the tractor or in the hayfield). And if the sofa happens to connect with his body it causes his eyes to close. He’ll read to the kids, help with some last minute dishwasher loading and finally say, “I’m going to bed”, as he heads down the hall...


Tomorrow he’ll do it again. And the next day again. He wears no cape. He can’t fly. He doesn’t look good in tights. But he’s a superhero in my eyes.