Over the next couple of days I’ll be introducing the families that supply our Farm Store! All involved believe in providing a high quality product that tastes great. We also recognize that the word “local” gets stretched a bit these days, so we are proud to be your neighbors and friends! 

Meet us! My husband, Farmer Thad and I are both 6th generation dairy farmers. That makes our children, Emma, Hayley, Evan, Heath and Heidi 7th generation! You could easily say that dairy farming is in our blood. 2 years ago we down-sized our herd and spent a summer milking 20ish cows, custom baling and praying about ways to continue farming in a world where dairy farming was becoming harder and harder. 

Our prayers were answered that fall when the Lisenby family teamed with us! Their beautiful, A2 Jersey cows moved to our farm on November 1st, 2017 and Robby began bottling the most nutritious beverage that nature provides, raw milk! 

We are so excited that in the coming months we will be opening a larger store area that will house our products, as well as a classroom and kitchen! Your support of our family & business has been a true blessing and we look forward to serving you in the coming year!