Names! How does one choose the perfect name for something? For a child? For a pet? For a business? It’s a hard job, this name choosing responsibility! 

One of the last touches for our new Farm to Fork Store involves selecting a name. Because we have teamed up with Sweet Land Farm, and will continue to, we shared that name until now. Their raw A2 milk, yogurt and other products will continue to carry their great name but we believe that the store needs it’s own identity, hence the search for the perfect name. 

Our oldest children, Emma & Hayley play a vital role here on the farm and so we included them in our decision making process. The choice was unanimous and very quickly we settled on naming it in memory of Jill, Mandi, and Farmer Thad’s father, Melvin. He was a visionary in agriculture, an out-of-the-box thinker, and a beloved community member. Those of you who knew him are probably smiling right now. We are too! 

Just the other day Thad was somewhere and a guy stopped him to ask, “You’re Melvin’s boy aren’t you?” Thad just smiled and said, “Yes sir”, because there was no denying it. Some may say that this used to be “Melvin’s place”, we would like to say that “it still is” by naming the new building, “Melvin’s Farm to Fork Store”! 

We are proud to continue offering Sweet Land Farm’s herdshare program for raw A2 milk, our high quality grass-fed meats, pastured eggs and other local products. The only thing changing is that we have finally chosen a name for our dream!

Thank you for your continued support of our farm and it’s endeavors!