We've just finished up our first month of business in our new store which is so hard to believe. This morning we sat down to pancakes drizzled with the new syrup we are carrying, scrambled eggs from the new chicken facility, bacon and sausage from our pigs...and a picture of a Thanksgiving meal a few years ago popped into my head. I can't remember the year now, but that doesn't even matter. We were in the home of a dear friend (it's one of those houses were the door is always open to anyone and everyone...even our huge family). It was a "the more the merrier" kind of holiday, where food, fellowship and laughter abounded. At some point this friend had her brother-in-law pull out his guitar to play some songs. There were several (I confess I can't remember them all now), but one still comes to my mind frequently. The lyrics of the song, "Drinking from my saucer" ran across my mind and heart again.


We are thankful first and foremost to God. His provisions through the years have sustained us over and over. Times when we weren't sure how the bills would get paid here on the farm. Times when we stepped out in obedience to do things that neighbors thought we were crazy for doing. Other times when we weren't sure if we should continue with the life of dairy farming that has been in our veins for over 6 generations each. God has been faithful. God has been good.


We are thankful for our family. They have poured out encouragement, ideas and the generations before us have instilled a work ethic that lingers to this day. The sage wisdom that has been passed down is a legacy far greater than all the riches in the world. Sometimes Thad and I just smile thinking about some of the things we've heard over and over through the years. "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should", is just one that we like to pass along to the next set of Montgomery's here on the farm. We look around and see the evidence of so much love and hard work that make our home and farm what it is.


We are thankful for each of you. We look back at our little green store, at the folks who have supported us over the years, and at where we are now. Your support does not go unnoticed. Your dedication to support local is a blessing. Our children are learning what community looks like and they love interacting with each of you when you visit. Thank you is not even really enough. Our family is better for knowing each of you. That little song that we heard all those years ago rings so true! We truly are "drinking from our saucer, because our cup is overflowing".